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A hotel with a conference room

A hotel with a conference room

Nestled in the heart of the Marais, the Hotel Jacques de Molay is an establishment that is ideal for your business trips. One reason for this is that we offer the use of a conference room specially designed for the comfort and convenience of you and your colleagues.


A room designed for your comfort

The conference room of our hotel can accommodate up to 14 people. Ideal for business meetings, presentations and seminars, it’s a resolutely friendly and warm place designed to be a professional work environment, but also a place of comfort. The refined and authentic decor, with its wooden floor, period stone walls and exposed beams, is attractive and soothing, and the services on offer make for a very convenient professional setting. The room is provided with all the essential equipment required for your meetings or other events. There’s high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity; a flat-screen TV that is very handy for displaying messages, etc; a projector for your presentations and a flipchart, not to mention plenty of sockets to plug in all your electronic devices. You will also be delighted by the brightness of the room, which is bathed in daylight, adding to its warm, modern and cosy ambiance. Finally, a private office, included in the rental rate, is located adjacent to the conference room, providing the opportunity to work in peace as much as you wish.


A room suitable for relaxation

It’s important to take breaks between sessions of work, so our seminar room has a dedicated space where you and your colleagues can enjoy your well-deserved coffee breaks. Snacks can also be served in the room or, if you prefer, you can eat in the very charming breakfast room of the hotel, immersed in natural light. In addition, we can offer you the delivery of cold or hot meals according to your wishes. Or perhaps you would like to take your associates out to dinner. If so, we would be happy to take care of the arrangements for you.


A room adaptable to various kinds of events

In addition to being a place for business, work and relaxation, our conference room can also be adapted to accommodate various kinds of special events such as exhibitions and cocktail parties. Invite all your guests, content in the knowledge that they will enjoy your hospitality in unique and elegant surroundings. We will provide you with everything you need. What’s more, in addition to hosting cocktail parties and other gatherings, we also welcome temporary exhibitions, providing you with an opportunity to show your creations. And what better district could there be than the Marais as the backdrop for your events? We take care of the arrangements, so for all your business meetings and events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us about your upcoming projects.