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Celebrating love and art: February in Paris

Celebrating love and art: February in Paris

Paris, the romantic city par excellence, is home to some beautiful places where you can enjoy an afternoon stroll. And what could be more romantic than enjoying such a stroll on Valentine's Day? The Hotel Jacques de Molay also recommends the Art Paris Art Fair, an essential modern and contemporary art show.


The Museum of Romantic Life


A few steps from Pigalle is a place full of history, rich with a special ambience that will enchant you. The Museum of Romantic Life is housed in the former home of the Dutch painter Ary Scheffer, who settled there in July 1830. Here he entertained numerous luminaries of the time including Rossini, Liszt, Delacroix, Chopin, Gounod, Dickens and Georges Sand. The Romantic works of Scheffer and his contemporaries are displayed, and there is a collection of the mementoes of the novelist Georges Sand. After visiting the museum you can wander in the delightful garden amidst roses and lilacs before enjoying tea and a snack on one of the old wrought iron benches set beneath the trees.


Words of love on the I Love You Wall


Lovers in Paris are drawn towards the ‘mur des je t'aime’, a vibrant work of art to be discovered on the hill of Montmartre, in the Square Jehan Rictus. Over 600 tiles of enamelled lava cover an area of 40 m2, inscribed a thousand times with the words ‘I love you’ in every language and numerous dialects. This unusual and uplifting work awaits lovers taking a romantic stroll in this delightful square planted with maples, sycamores and a botanical collection of venerable roses, an enchanting place where you will be won over by the irresistible sweetness of life.


A Valentine's Day treat; the Apple of Love by L'Atelier du Chocolat


For Valentine's Day, the Atelier du Chocolat offers a deliciously sinful surprise for lovers that is specially designed to be nibbled by two! Succumb to the temptation of the Pomme d'Amour (Apple of Love), a confectionery as audacious as it is refined. This plump, bright red milk chocolate apple red hides a treasure trove like a secret desire; the crisp and melting golden speciality of the Atelier du Chocolat. An indulgence to be savoured as an intimate treat....


The Moulin Rouge celebrates love


The temple of glamour known as the Moulin Rouge invites lovers to experience unforgettable moments on February 13th and 14th with an exceptional dinner and the colourful spectacle offered by the revue, Féérie, which provides more than 2 hours of pure rapture. Incredible scenery, more than 1000 costumes and 60 exceptional performers will help to make this the most exceptional Valentine's Day evening you have ever enjoyed! The original menu, created by the talented chef David Le Quellec, will be accompanied by a 1/2 bottle of champagne...


Art Paris Art Fair, an unmissable artistic event this spring


The Art Paris Art Fair is coming to the nave of the Grand Palais from March 30th to April 2nd, 2017. This modern and contemporary art event is committed, innovative and open to the world, exploring art scenes from around the world and embracing all disciplines from painting to photography and sculpture. Just as Korea was honoured in 2016, this year the Art Paris Art Fair continues its exploration of international creativity by celebrating the artists of Africa.


Contemporary art enthusiasts as well as neophytes will find the Art Paris Art Fair to be an open, welcoming and inclusive experience. The event brings together around 140 galleries from over 20 countries, allowing you to discover European art from the post-war era to today, as well as the global scene. The Promises section focusses on emerging talent, while the Solo Show serves as a showcase for individual artists. Specific accessibility tools include guided tours, a virtual visit and flyers for each gallery involved.

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