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See Paris from the water with a cruise on the Seine

See Paris from the water with a cruise on the Seine

On a beautiful sunny day, it’s great to discover Paris from the water and get a different view of the capital’s most beautiful buildings and monuments. Unforgettable and sublime, a cruise on the Seine offers a serenely relaxing experience and a look at another facet of the City of Light. You can take a cruise on one of the famous bateaux mouches or call on the superb Riva private boats. The Hotel Jacques de Molay strongly recommends both of these options.


Bateaux mouches; the famous excursion boats

They have travelled the waters of the Seine in Paris since the 19th century. The bateaux mouches (fly boats) are popular tourist attractions, allowing visitors to discover the city at a leisurely pace while enjoying an interesting and informative audio commentary. Romantic if you are here with your partner, fun and educational if you’re with your family, a cruise on the Seine by bateau mouche promises a wonderful experience that will stay with you forever!


Riva Boat; the luxury cruise

If you prefer a more luxurious and personalised service, you can rent a Riva boat. Immerse yourself in the history of the city in complete privacy aboard a beautiful little boat. A classic Riva boat will proceed at your preferred pace so that you can admire the wonders of Paris at your leisure, guided by the captain.


Located in the heart of the Marais, near the banks of the Seine, the Hotel Jacques de Molay will be your haven of peace when you return from your extraordinary Parisian adventures. We favour comfort, aesthetics and calm, and make every effort to ensure a perfect and magical stay. Book your Paris break today to discover the capital from the waves of the Seine!