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The Carreau du Temple; a multi-purpose space

The Carreau du Temple; a multi-purpose space

When the Carreau du Temple is mentioned, you may think of the Knights Templar or even their medieval fortress, where Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and their family were imprisoned during the French Revolution. However, the Temple is long gone and, in its place, some 300 metres from the Hotel Jacques de Molay, stands the Carreau du Temple, a repurposed former market building that is now a versatile venue where cultural activities, sports and entertainment of all kinds take place.


The Carreau du Temple; a survivor of yesteryear

Listed as a historical monument since 1982, the Carreau du Temple is a place steeped in history. It occupies the site where once stood the enclosure of the Knights Templar, the medieval catholic military order of which the last Grand Master was Jacques de Molay, whose name we borrowed for our hotel. An elegant glass, brick and cast-iron structure was erected here in the mid-19th century to house a covered market. When the market declined in popularity it was decided to renovate the place and turn it into a multipurpose cultural and recreation space that would serve the community.


A new life dedicated to entertainment

That is the story of the Carreau du Temple and its historically significant location up to the present day. This excellent cultural and sports complex now awaits your discovery. Completely renovated in 2014 by the City of Paris, the building was stripped back to its industrial-style structural framework, a refined architectural design dating from the 19th century. The complex now houses spaces in the basement for the sports activities of the locals, a 250-seat auditorium, a hall designed to host various temporary events, a bar and a shared library. Whether you want to attend a culinary festival, watch a contemporary dance show, see exhibitions by resident artists or enjoy a drink in good company... you're sure to have a great time.



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