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The Rue des Rosiers; a vibrant, gourmet-friendly and fashionable street

The Rue des Rosiers; a vibrant, gourmet-friendly and fashionable street

The Rue des Rosiers, whose name means ‘street of the rosebushes’, is a paved and pedestrians-only artery that crosses the old Jewish quarter. Known for its lively, welcoming and pleasant ambiance, this venerable street is also famous for its exotic restaurants and eclectic shops. It awaits your discovery within easy reach of the Hotel Jacques de Molay!


A stroll for gourmets and history lovers


Considered the epicentre of the Marais, the Rue des Rosiers was established adjacent to the early 13th century city ramparts erected by Philip II of France (Philippe Augustus). Rosebushes once grew on this medieval wall, hence the name. Today, this street that was mostly untouched by later urban development boasts a colourful and exotic ambiance due in part to its various food shops and restaurants. 

Except for the period between Friday evening and Saturday evening when the street is quiet in respect of Shabbat, Judaism’s day of rest, a joyful effervescence reigns in this thoroughfare. The friendly atmosphere will make you want to sit down to savour some of the appetising specialties of Levantine gastronomy such as the famous falafels, those delicious deep-fried spicy chickpea patties. The ones offered by the restaurant L'As du Falafel are deservedly renowned!


An essential shopping street...


The Rue des Rosiers is also a great shopping street. You will immediately notice the quantity of ready-to-wear boutiques open 7 days a week, as well as the luxury shops. The street harmoniously mixes Jewish and well-known brands to fulfil your fashion desires! Do you like vintage fashions? Are you a fan of affordable second-hand clothes? Stop in at Vintage Desir, a shop that will go easy on your budget due to its low prices and from which you’re sure to emerge thoroughly satisfied!



Crédit photo : Photo by ©Andrea Schaffer on flickr

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