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The tastiest Parisian hot chocolate for you to try

The tastiest Parisian hot chocolate for you to try

As winter lowers the temperature, you’ll be looking for ways to warm up and the tastiest is to savour a delicious hot chocolate in a cosy setting. Paris is full of good places to do so but some stand out from the rest due to being extra-special. The Hotel Jacques de Molay has selected for you the most decadent hot chocolates that you can enjoy in Paris. After that, the choice is up to you!


Yann Couvreur; royal excellence

Renowned throughout Paris, the hot chocolate offered by Yann Couvreur will make you rediscover this taste of childhood. The former Hotel Prince de Galles chef delights us with his thick hot chocolate that is so full of character and cocoa. To go with it, try the chef’s famous Kouign-Amann, a tribute to Brittany that is utterly irresistible.


The three-cocoa chocolate from Angelina

The hot chocolate l'Africain to be found at Angelina is the most heavenly and indulgent you will ever enjoy. Made from three cocoas of African origin, from Niger, Ghana and Ivory Coast, this hot chocolate combines its contrasting flavour notes right on the tongue, and your delight will be unbounded.


Lindt hot chocolate; a Swiss delicacy

The famous Swiss chocolatier offers this alluring hot chocolate in its shop near the Opera. To all the delicious subtlety you know from the brand’s chocolate is added a meltingly reassuring new dimension. A true delight for the taste buds! Hot chocolate with marshmallow, American style In the vegan haven called Oatmeal you’ll find a decadent drink that’s aimed squarely at uninhibited gourmands. This vegetable milk based hot chocolate is garnished with a marshmallow that melts sumptuously in the heat of the chocolate, to the delight of those with a very sweet tooth.



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