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Versailles and the Autumn Fair: two major events of the season in Paris

Versailles and the Autumn Fair: two major events of the season in Paris

For those who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the French capital in September, the schedule of events is an exciting one. Two in particular are a measure of how great a city this is.

The Autumn Fair: THE unmissable October event

The annual Foire d’Automne returns in 2016 from October 21st to 30th at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre. This is nothing less than the biggest trade fair dedicated to furnishings, décor and the modern connected lifestyle. To make the most of the experience, you should stay at the Hotel Jacques de Molay, located in the legendary Marais district, from where you can reach the event quickly and easily. This fair is a gold mine in terms of the hottest new ideas and products from the biggest brands. There’s furniture, decorative objects, tableware and much more on show, offering plenty of ideas for you to give your home a complete makeover if you desire. To benefit from professional advice regarding renovating, extending and beautifying your home, this trade fair is ideal.

The Musical Fountains of Versailles: a touch of enchantment

An indisputable masterpiece of French art and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palace of Versailles is this year celebrating 350 years of its magnificent royal gardens. From March 25th to October 30th is the Grandes Eaux Musicales season, and you are invited to stroll through the grounds to admire the perfectly maintained gardens and admire the sparkling sheen of the water as the fountains spray their merry cascades to the rhythm of music. No less than 55 majestic fountains are scattered throughout the 850 hectares of gardens, giving pleasure to visitors as they have done for centuries. During the day the spectacle is an impressive and beautiful one, but when night falls the scene becomes even more enchanting as the fountains and groves are illuminated by colourful and dramatic lighting effects designed by leading specialists in theatrical magic. The evening culminates in a dazzling fireworks display that lights up the sky by the Grand Canal. For visitors wishing to experience the splendour and grandeur of the days of the monarchy, this show is not to be missed. Of course, it would be unthinkable to enjoy the gardens without also visiting the world-famous château. Formerly a hunting lodge in the days of Louis XIII, it was transformed beyond recognition by his son, Louis XIV, who brought his court there from the Louvre Palace, establishing the Palace of Versailles as a royal residence until the French Revolution brought a temporary end to the monarchy. 
For visitors interested in history and culture who also enjoy events that are both festive and informative, the City of Light is definitely a destination of the first order.


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